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The Memory Palace – Learn Anything and Everything (Starting With Shakespeare and Dickens)

#1 Kindle bestseller in “Memory Improvement” – Amazon.com, July 2012

Starting here, with the list of William Shakespeare’s 37 plays (in chronological order of course), and the novels of Charles Dickens, you will learn how to commit seemingly endless amounts of data to memory.

Half an hour from the instant you start reading this book you will be able to recite, forwards and backwards, the titles of all of Shakespeare’s plays… but this is just the beginning…

Through actual demonstration, you will gain mastery of the technique that will allow you to do this with ANY TOPIC OF YOUR CHOOSING.


“Smile’s writing style is entertaining and engaging, he illuminates a dry subject to produce an entertaining and captivating read. Highly recommended for those interested in memory improvement techniques.” - Daniel Knocks

I will be recommending this book to anyone who will listen. I might even shout it from the mountains, of which I now know the tallest ten in order of height. Many thanks to the author for this amazing tool.” – Ashley

The Magic Square – Tricking Your Way to Mental Superpowers

Learn One Of The Greatest Mental Magic Tricks – in 10 minutes flat!

The Magic Square shows just how easy it is to fake a Super Genius math ability.

Someone whips out a tired old thumb tip vanish… and you whip out a Magic Square and blow everyone away.

  • * Amaze and Confound Friends
  • * Instantly Baffle Brains for Fun!
  • * Blow Minds Beyond Explanation
  • * Trick Your Way to Mental Superpowers


“If you want to know about the ‘magic square’, a classic of magic and mentalism, then you really can’t go wrong with this Kindle book.

The basic effect is: a spectator is asked for a random number and you, the magician, quickly fill up a four-by-four matrix with seemingly-random numbers. None of these numbers is the spectator’s selection, however, when you add the rows, columns, corner numbers, quadrants, etc they all total the spectator’s choice. Sounds impressive? If you’ve ever seen it performed, then you’ll know that it is!

The teaching style is clear and concise and the book is written in a friendly and humorous way. At 30 pages, there is no fat in this book, and everything taught is straight to the point.” - Dr Jon D. Holt.

“Simple but very effective, this classic trick will have your friends and family amazed at your magic powers! I tried it for some slightly inebriated pals at a party, and they thought it was incredible – mwah hwah hwah!” - D. C. Wiggs

The Memory Palace

The Magic Square